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The youngest of ten children raised in National City by hard
working parents, was a hard worker himself. He dropped out of high
school so that he could work and earn a living. He worked in a
slaughter house and as a truck driver. He was an artist, as well, doing
illustration work for different companies as well as doing portraits.
Now, Edward explains, “I am a plain air painter, focusing on
colors and light in nature as I see and feel it. I love to paint outdoors
as often as I can. My last few years with plain air painters of San
Diego gave me great experience and confidence, and I am enthused by
what I see in nature and the world around me. I enjoy the fellowship
of my fellow artists who feel the same enchantment of this beauty
around us. My paintings are impressionistic, and I continue to strive
to perfect this technique with each day the Lord gives me.”
Edward has lived all his life in National City. He and his wife,
Esther, have four children, nine grandchildren, and two great
grandchildren. The Juarez family is very close and they enjoy
spending many vacations traveling and camping together. About his
approach to painting and life, Edward says, “I use a limited palette
which consists of love, respect, and gratitude: for my Lord;
respect...respect for His word; and gratitude...gratitude for His gift.”
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